Changing the Plugin Defaults

You can use the Presets feature in Premiere Pro to automatically set the plugin parameters to new default values.

Creating a Preset

  1. Apply "MBR Color Corrector III" to any clip
  2. Change the settings that you wish to be different by default
    This probably means that you want to change the Card Type and/or Input Transfer function to match the footage you normally use
  3. Then right click on the effect name, and select "Save Preset..." from the menu
  4. Choose a name and click "Ok"
    For the next step, I'll pretend that you typed "MBR CC - My Preset" for the next section

Using a Preset

In a new project, on a new clip you can use this preset as follows:

  1. Apply "MBR CC - My Preset" to the clip (it'll be in the effects list, in the Presets section)

Now you have "MBR Color Corrector III" applied to you clip, but with the settings tweaked to your liking