Problems Installing

The installation instructions are here.

If you are having trouble here are step by step instructions for installing on a Macintosh and step by step instructions for installing on Windows.

macOS Catalina (10.15) and Big Sur (11.0) require an extra step when installing.

If the plugin doesn't show up in the effects list, close Premiere Pro and reopen it while holding the shift key (this causes Premiere Pro to rescan all the plugins and fix therefore repair its plugin cache).

Problems with Find Card in Frame

Avoiding Problems when Shooting

The Find Card in Frame feature expects the color card to be square to the camera (not rotated), to cover a fair amount of the frame. If these conditions are true, such as in the example shot below, it will be able to find the card and read the color patches from the frame automatically.

The following three examples show shots where it will fail:

Fixing Problems with Existing Footage

If Find Card in Frame doesn't work, it is possible to manually set where the corners of the card are in the frame, and then use Read from Frame to read the color patches.

For example, here is how to fix the second problem shot above:

  1. Add the MBR Color Corrector III effect to the clip
  2. Select the effect by clicking on title bar ( in Premiere Pro or in after effects), and therefore show the overlay:

  3. Drag the corners of the overlay to the correct positions
  4. Click the Read from Frame button

Click on a screenshot to see more clearly.
Screenshots on the left are from Premiere Pro, on the right are from After Effects. It seems safest to click on the part of the title bar in step 2 in Premiere Pro.

Supported Video Editing/Effects Hosts

MBR Color Corrector 2 and 3 have been tested in the following host programs:

Why does the effect turn my footage black and white?

You haven't activated the plugin yet. Just click on the Options... button and enter your serial number.


Versions 3.2 and earlier of the plugin do not use GPU acceleration.

Version 3.7.1 of the plugin supports acceleration (CUDA and OpenCL).

If you have purchased the plugin, you can download a full version with CUDA and OpenCL acceleration by going to the download page.

Known Issues


For all support queries, please email