Color Space Settings


They key to getting good results with MBR Color Corrector 3 and some output other than Rec. 709 is prevent Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects from performing any color space conversions behind the scenes. This way those conversions can be performed by the MBR Color Corrector plugin.

Premiere Pro

In Premiere Pro it is impossible to turn off color space conversions. The trick is to tell Premiere Pro that the footage, sequence, and export working spaces are all the same. This means that Premiere Pro won't think that needs to convert the footage at any stage.

If you want to produce 'normal' footage then follow the "Rec. 709" section below, if you want to produce HDR footage then follow the "Rec. 2100 HLG" section below:

Rec. 709

If you wish to produce 'normal' HD footage (Rec. 709)...

Rec. 2100 HLG

Rec. 2100 PQ

After Effects

It is easy to tell After Effects not to perform any transfer function / color space conversions.