Detailed Installation for Macintosh

These instructions have been made with freshly installed Mac OS/X 10.14 Mojave and Premiere Pro CC 2019. (These instructions also work for After Effects CC 2019). The dock looks something like:

Firstly open the MBR Color Corrector 3 zip file in Finder. If you have just downloaded it, then double clicking in the downloads section of Safari will bring up the correct window:

Open a second Finder window looking at your Computer. This is easily done by selecting two menu options in Finder:

Next, point the new Finder window at /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/. This is easily done by double clicking on the follow folders:

Finally, copy the MBR Color Corrector 3.plugin file from the original Finder window into the second Finder Window:

When you start Premiere Pro or After Effects, the plugin will appear in the Effects list in the Color Correction section.